About Us

The Preppy Mama is just that!   A mom, a southern girl, who grew up loving all things personalized.  It seems that "PREPPY" means a certain look and it does.  At the Preppy Mama, we think most things personalized are preppy... whether for the mom, the child, the dad, the home or even your family pet.  At Preppy Mama, we strive to make or find personalized custom items that will add a little something extra to your next occasion in life. From something as simple as a personalized children's T-shirt for the next holiday to cups to celebrate your next soiree, let us help make your next occasion...extra special with one of our items.  

As for the rest of the Preppy Mama, we are a family owned and operated business where there is not only the Preppy Mama but a preppy husband, preppy sister, preppy brother-in- law, preppy nephew and a host of preppy cousins all working together to make these personalized items with love and personalized flair....just for you!  

We appreciate your shopping with us! Thank you!