The Fine Print & Frequently Asked Questions

About Preppy Cups by the Preppy Mama

The PREPPY MAMA prides herself on these fabulous PREPPY CUPS! These 16 oz styrofoam cups are perfect for wedding party cups, bridal shower cups,  baby shower cups, bachelorette party cups, graduation party cups, bachelor party cups, family reunion cups, engagement party cups, birthday party cups and personalized monogrammed cups. We have over a decade of experience making your party or function the best it can be. We offer all our custom design services to you whether you are a bride, a business, a party planner or girl throwing a great soiree! Let us take all your worries away! All of our designs are 100% custom and personalized for your special occasion. All of our designs can be customized for your special event. You can choose any of our designs or motifs for your big day! Our wording, colors and designs are shown as a starting point or they might be exactly what you are looking for! You will have a designer to help you at every step of the way - our treat!

PROOFS We will be providing a proof for you just to make sure we are on the same page. We ask that you really think about what you want for the first proof because we will tweak it one more time for free. We also want the proofing process going quick so your cups get into production quickly!  We usually start start working hard on your proof when you place your order. Depending on the date your item is needed, we will be super quick and have a proof to you usually in 24 hours up to 48 hours. If your date is quite a ways away, we may take a little more time!

When you receive your proof, please check it for any spelling or other things you may want to change. At this point we ask that you really tell us your final changes so we only have one final proof. We will not process your order into production until you have given final approval. 

We can't beg you enough to really really look at your proof. I've had people mispell their own children's names and never catch it. Remember, I have people do funny whacky things with cups and spellings every day. I don't know if your typo is because you a doing something fun or if it is a typo! Once you have approved your proof...we will print it exactly as approved so please make sure it is right. The monkey is on your back! LOL!

FREE SHIPPING We offer free shipping and no set up costs as a part of our service to make the process easier. __________________________________________________________ Free SHIPPING STYROFOAM CUP DETAILS-We print 12oz., 16 oz. and 20 oz cups. Print is on one side - approximately 2.75 inches tall x 2.75 inches wide.

PRINT IS ON ONE SIDE If you would like two sided print we would need to charge 75% more and we can talk about that. Most of our designs are always able to get everything on one side for you...two sides is rarely something we really need to do.

COLORS Please see our color charts that are provided with this example for choices on this example. We offer Full Color printing on the cups - no charge for multiple colors. You can request a certain RGB or CMYK color - no charge.

SEND US YOUR ARTWORK OR LOGO You can submit your own design artwork, logo or an actual photograph with a .jpeg or .png file or . pdf- no charge. If you have a different file type then send to and reference your name and order number.  You can request any of our designs and more than one...say a crawfish and a lemon or a monogram and a graduation cap- we will design for free!

HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER Please follow these simple steps:

1. Tell us the date for your party. This is key...we need to know if we need to do cartwheels or if we have an easier situation.

2. Pick your Text, Font and colors.

3. Upload your artwork file or logo or if you are using one of our images let us know. ( Sometimes we show a cup and it is what it is...but you can usually change colors, fonts, wording. You will know this when you see it!) 

4. Select the Quantity for your Cup order from the ‘Quantity / Price’ menu option. - The second ‘Quantity’ option stays at ‘1’ -

5. There is also a place for notes/special instructions while checking out. Feel free to use that space to tell us anything special about your order!

6. Continue to Check-Out… __________________________________________________________ SHIPPING: PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE SHIPPING ADDRESS IS THE ONE TO ACTUALLY SEND THESE PARTY CUPS TO! CHECK! DOUBLE CHECK!

We use free shipping unless your order needs special shipping arrangements due to needing an expedited order. We discuss these cases with you on a case by  case basis. 

RUSH SERVICE? We can often work miracles! You will most like receive your custom items within 2-3 weeks from the date you order is approved in production to having them on your front porch! That is why letting us know your date requirements at the time of order is so important. We will run your address to see what your shipping timeline is. If you are in a rush we can usually help! Please let us know your address and the date you must have them and we can see what can be done to make this last minute soiree the party dreams are made of!

COLOR VARIATION Since our personalized and custom items are really personalized and custom, our sales our final. If we made a mistake..we will certainly take of that! Computers and Ink Colors are funny things. The aren't all created equal and alike ...from one phone to a tablet to a monitor...there is variation. We represent them as accurately as possible but reality may be a smidge off due to what you saw on your monitor. We are not responsible for colors showing differently in person.

 Do you need other coordinated items for the special day? We offer many items that will work for you! We offer: Cups of all types: Frosted, Clear, Stadium, Foam, Color Changing and Paper Cups w/Lids - some Full Color and some one color. Can Coolers - Neoprene, Zippered Bottle and Full Color and Single Color 3ply Napkins - Beverage, Luncheon, Dinner & Guest Towel sizes Shot Glasses and Shooters Coasters - Square and Round -paper or reusable Stir Sticks Totes

FIND US HERE Use hastag #THEPREPPYMAMA and tag THEPREPPYMAMA in a photo and get 10% off your next order if we aren't running a sale! We are right here to help you every step of the way...just drop us a line at!  © 2018 PREPPY MAMA. All Rights Reserved.